October 2019 – KPK, AB Convention

Halina Madej, long serving president of the Polish Canadian Women’s Society of Edmonton (Federacja Polek w Kanadzie Ogniwo #3), was elected president of the Canadian Polish Congress Alberta Society on October 27th, 2019. Delegates from across Alberta met at the Polish Hall in Edmonton on October 26th and 27th to hear reports, work in committees, and present motions and recommendations that would direct the new board’s activities for the next two years.

During the opening of the thirty-sixth convention, Honorary Consul Zygmunt Potocki (Southern Alberta) brought greetings and praised Polonia leaders and delegates from Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Grande Prairie. Mr. Potocki urged everyone to remember that the Canadian Polish Congress Alberta Society represents the entire province and not just major centres. He then introduced Marek Domaradzki, the First Vice President of KPK and an active member of Calgary’s Polish community, and presented Mr. Domaradzki with the Medal of the Centenary of Regained Independence (Medal Stulecia Odzyskanej Niepodległości). Convention attendees stood and loudly applauded Marek for his contributions to Polonia and Poland.

Honorary Consul John Szumlas (Northern Alberta) spoke about continued active support for Polish language education and the Polish Center at Concordia University of Edmonton. Mr. Szumlas recognized and thanked the Election Commission who made it possible for Poles to vote in the recent Polish elections. Members of the commission were Halina Madej (chair), Jadwiga Skowrońska, Elżbieta Malejczyk, Terese Szlamp-Fryga, and Krzysztof Baran were warmly applauded by convention attendees.  John, or Janek as he is often affectionately called, concluded by thanking all the leaders and encouraged them to continue working for the community.

Delegates chose Jarek Nowinka to chair the convention with assistance from Terese Szlamp-Fryga. Both Jarek and Terese had each served as presidents for four terms. Convention committees were organized as follows: culture, seniors, financial-administration, assistance for Poles in the East, schools, and youth. The six committees

Ms. Madej plans to bring together and work with all Polonia organizations, even those who do not yet belong to the Canadian Polish Congress in Alberta. Her ambitious program includes cultivating and promoting Polish culture, history, the Polish language, and traditions. In addition, she will represent Polonia within the Canadian community and work with other nationalities. A major objective is to encourage young people to become actively involved in the community and join, or create, Polonia organizations.

The newly elected board of directors includes three members of the Polish Canadian Women’s Society of Edmonton (Federacja Polek w Kanadzie Ogniwo #3). Jadwiga Skowrońska is Second Vice President; Alicja Tomicka is Correspondence Secretary, and Terese Szlamp-Fryga is a director.

Our warmest appreciation goes to the kitchen staff of the Polish Hall who prepared two delicious lunches and a superb supper for delegates which provided much valued time for socializing and networking.

The Board of Directors for 2019-2021:

PRESIDENT :         Halina Madej

REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENTS:    Andrzej Bukowski – Calgary,  Jagoda Wilk – Grande Prairie,

Stanisław  Kuniec – Lethbridge

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT:        Andrzej Makarewicz        SECOND VICE PRESIDENT:   Jadwiga Skowrońska

TREASURER:       Teresa Moss

SECRETARY:         Alicja Tomicka (Correspondence) ,    Jadwiga Bartosek (Minutes)

DIRECTORS:        Hanna Broniewska,  Grzegorz Łojko,  Jerzy Malinowski, Tomasz  Owczarek

Maciej Piekarski, Wiesława Potocka, Terese Szlamp-Fryga


Maryla Hasek


Krzysztof Baran, Elżbieta Malejczyk, Halina Madej (chair), Jadwiga Skowrońska (vice chair), and Terese Szlamp-Fryga.