January 2020 – Oplatek

During Christmas season, in December and January many Polish-Canadian organizations celebrate traditional sharing of holy bread, followed by exchange of greetings and wishes, and sumptuous supper.

Our celebration took place on January 25. Great attraction was performance by students from Maria Chrzanowska Polish school. Children recited poems and singed polish carols, and  we all joined them, this brought back the warm, friendly atmosphere of Christmas.

Our invited guests: Honorary Consul of Poland, John Szumlas, vice-President of the Polish Combatants Society, Kira Płachcińska, President of the Polish Veterans Society, Jan Kucy and Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate greeted participants and conveyed best wishes for the New Year.

Our members prepared traditional dishes – herrings, bigos, salads and original ones e.g. vegetarian sushi. There were also plenty of sweets. As usual we had very good time, enjoyed friendly conversation over good food and nice company.

Ewa Miles-Dixon