September 2020 – Election Meeting

The election meeting took place on September 26th and was our first meeting since February. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the activities of our organization had been suspended for more than six months. We observed all the required precautions and wore masks and maintained appropriate distance from other members. Although we missed each other, we could not greet and hug as usual, but we were simply happy to get together. However, because of the situation, only about half of our members attended the meeting, which was enough for a quorum as required by our bylaws.

Our president, Halina Madej presented a report of activities over the last year and our treasurer, Teresa Ignasiak read the financial report. We also discussed various topics including protection of the environment and support for people dealing with issues arising from the pandemic. Our very successful theatre presentation “Portraits of Famous Polish Women” took place at the Polish Hall on March 8th in celebration of International Women’s Day. Unfortunately, Covid 19 pandemic restrictions were announced immediately following our presentation. However, we considered ourselves very lucky to have been able to introduce our audience to several famous Polish women after many weeks of scrupulous preparation.

Another success this year was the publication of the second book of poetry by our member, Urszula Kunikiewicz, which has enjoyed a warm response.

The election did not introduce many changes to our board of directors. Halina Madej was elected president once again. She has held that position since 2011.

The newly elected Board of Directors for the 2020 – 2022 term:


Halina Madej


Jadwiga Skowrońska


Teresa Ignasiak


Krystyna Sierko


Ewa Miles-Dixon, casino, Informator, Dobrucka Youth FundAleksandra Kosińska, visiting the sick, head executive board of the Polish Canadian Women’s FederationTerese Szlamp-Fryga, Albeta Gaming and Liquor Commission (communication), contact with Canadian organizations and agencies
Wiesława Środa, telephone contact with our membersElżbieta Jusza, housekeeping mattesElżbieta Malejczyk, housekeeping mattersAleksandra Ławczyńska, assisting the treasurer


Maria Szymocha

Maryla Hasek

Barbara Smykot


Aleksandra Kosińska

Maria Szymocha

Jadwiga Skowrońska

The inaugural meeting of the newly elected board took place on Wednesday, October 7th. Since only eight of us were able to attend, it was very easy to maintain the required distance. We recognized that any plans and projects for 2021 depend on the pandemic situation. We discussed opłatek and the general election meeting of the Canadian Polish Congress in Cambridge, both of which are scheduled for January. We also talked about preparing another theatre presentation.

Our financial situation is somewhat difficult due to closing of casinos; our casino was scheduled for last May but was cancelled because of the pandemic. This forces us to limit our charitable donations for now.