July 2019 – Picnic

June, beginning of July. Supposedly summer months, but not typical in 2019. Anyway these days typical weather does not exist. Heat waves in Poland, Asia, draught in usually rainy England! And in Alberta – rain everyday…

And rain was “hanging” over us on July 6th, when our picnic was planned several weeks ago, to take place in the garden of Wiesia Środa. At 3 pm ladies started arriving, some with husbands, who soon gathered together and seemed to be happy enjoying conversation.

Ladies were also happy, carrying conversation mainly about our families, as we are mothers, grandmothers and even great-grandmothers, so there is no shortage of subjects.

Important part of our meeting was tasting the food. Everyone of us brought something special. Especially imaginative were “witches brooms” made from strings of cheese wound around breadsticks and tied-up with chives. Host prepared traditional soup from sorrel grown in her garden. There was bigos, sausages, different salads, cakes and cherries.

We also had guests from afar, Ania Waner’s sister came from Warsaw, the other from Toronto. They had very good time and appreciated the friendly atmosphere in our organization. They were given book of poems by Urszula Kunikiewicz, published by our branch, signed by the author.

We consider ourselves very lucky, it did not rain, even though rain was forecasted, we all had a great time, we thank Wiesia an her husband Mieczysław Środa for their hospitality. Our picnic 2019 was a great success!


April 2019 – Easter Buffet

The members of the Polish Canadian Women’s Society of Edmonton gathered together on April 27th, 2019 to celebrate Easter and enjoy an Easter Buffet, much like breakfast on Easter Sunday. Our organization has been celebrating such Polish traditions as “Opłatek” (Christmas Wafer) and “Święcone” (Easter Buffet) for more than sixty years.

A small group of members (Grażyna Nieradka, Jadwiga Skowrońska oraz Bożena Wojno) arrived early and decorated the room beautifully.

Halina Madej, the president of our organization, welcomed our guest, John Szumlas. Mr. Szumlas is the Honorary Consul in northern Alberta for the Republic of Poland. He spoke warmly about the role our organization plays in Edmonton’s Polish community and complimented us on the kind and cordial atmosphere in our group.

Bożena Wojno, Krystyna Sierko, Grażyna Nieradka, and Urszula Kunikiewicz prepared an artistic program including selections from Polish literature. Accompanied by classical music, they recited poetry. In addition, Elżbieta Zadora-Paszkowska read the prophetic words of Juliusz Słowacki regarding agreement and disagreement among Poles as well as the election of a Polish Pope (which happened when Karol Wojtyła became Pope John Paul II).

The poetry spoke of the Easter atmosphere, the death and resurrection of Jesus. Together, we experienced moments of reverie, regret and then joy when “Alleluja” rang out.

We fought each other using eggs, prepared by Halina Madej. Each of us tried to keep our egg undamaged in spite of many attempts to smash it. Following this lively exercise, we enjoyed some żurek (Polish sour rye soup) which is a favourite at Easter. We added our egg to the soup and enjoyed it most heartily.

Bożena treated us to some fresh homemade bread made from buckwheat that was still warm.  The food was not only delicious but also beautifully served. There were hard-boiled eggs that looked like little ducks and Ania’s sweet eggs (not real eggs!), marzipan in chocolate shells. The setting, the food, the atmosphere were all exceptional!



January 2019 – Christmas Gathering


The Polish community in Edmonton hold festive social gatherings (Oplatki) around Christmas .

The Polish Canadian Women’s Society of Edmonton (known in Polish as Federacja Polek , Ogniwo #3) held its Oplatek on January 26th, 2019. The celebration was held in the Kingsway Room of the Polish Hall. Invited guests included the pastor of Holy Rosary Parish, Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus, as well as the presidents of various Polish organizations.

The magnificent meal was prepared by the members of the Polish Canadian Women’s Society of Edmonton. Traditional Polish dishes were laid out on tables.

Halina Madej, the president of our organization, welcomed everyone and reminding us about the significance of Oplatek. Ms. Madej invited everyone to share oplatek and mutual good wishes.

Children from the Maria Chrzanowska Polish Saturday School presented the artistic program under the direction of the school principal Agata Guzik. The program included poems and Christmas carols, and captivated the audience who sang along with the children creating a most pleasant atmosphere.

Following the artistic program, the children were invited to the tables followed by our invited guests, and the members of our organization.


August 2015 – Heritage Days

Members of the Polish Canadian Women’s Society of Edmonton served hundreds of customers at the Polish pavilion during the Heritage Festival in Edmonton’s centrally located Hawrelak Park. Delicious Polish food attracted many festival visitors. The lineups were long and never ending. As usual, our ladies rose to the challenge and provided excellent service, smiles and a welcoming atmosphere greatly contributed to the event’s success and excellent representation of Poland at the annual Heritage Festival.

Members working at Edmonton Heritage Festival 2015

July 2015 – St. John’s Eve

Throwing crowns fashioned from wild flowers into a nearby pond or lake was one of the rituals of St. John’s Eve. In a beautiful scenery of Rundle Park and North Saskatchewan River the continuation of this old Polish tradition was a great fun. Surprisingly, some candles were burning for a long time…

Members celebrating St. John`s Eve

April 2015 – Easter

On April 11th we met for the traditional Easter Breakfast where we shared eggs with everyone at the table. The Easter decorations were prepared by Jadzia Skowroński. Thank you! On this occasion we hosted John Szumlas the Honorary Consul of RP and the representatives of Polish organizations. We wished each other happiness and joy and played trying to smash the shell of boiled eggs of our tablemates.

Happy Easter!